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3 Types Of Insurance You Need For Your Business

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll need to purchase the right types of insurance that suit your needs. If you’re searching for “business insurance near me” look no further than Nicholson Insurance. Here are three types of business insurance they offer under their policies.

Commercial auto insurance

Many times, the same car you drive to work in is the same car you use around town. Insure your car under a commercial auto insurance policy to guarantee your commercial assets are protected. Commercial car insurance will protect your vehicle under claims of liability, collision, and medical issues. To make sure you get through all the bells and whistles without any issues, contact an insurance agent at Nicholson Insurance today when you look for business insurance near me.

Workers compensation

Workers compensation is designed to protect employees who are injured on the job. It guarantees they are compensated for their injury and the time they need to take off from work. This dispels the need to go to court. Although your business is held liable for their injuries, it gets rid of timely and often costly court proceedings.

Although not all businesses have to have workers compensation, it’s mandatory in many states. It’s especially important to have if your workers are involved in hazardous activities on the job, like construction or pest control. Contact a Nicholson Insurance agent to get the correct workers’ compensation insurance information in your state.

Business liability insurance

Commercial liability insurance is a form of protection against claims made by third parties, ie. other businesses or consumers. This helps protect your company against any accidents that happen within your place of business. This includes slip and fall claims and property damage. The amount of businesses being sued has only increased in the last decade and getting the right coverage is essential to protecting your business.

To get the best business insurance for you, call Nicholson Insurance today. You’ll be paired with a seasoned insurance agent who will create the best insurance designed around your business. For more information, call or email Nicholson Insurance.