equine liability insurance

Understanding Insurance Policies for Your Horse

Insurance allows you to have a safety net for unexpected events, and it remains true whether you get it for yourself, your car, and even your horse. From a working horse’s everyday task to a champion’s rigorous training, there’s always a possibility that it gets the common colic (abdominal pain) and other injuries. In some cases, severe health conditions even require you to put down your horse. Aside from emotional distress, this costs you many veterinarian bills, which you can avoid by getting equine coverage.

Available Equine Insurance Policies

You can get four main types of coverage when your horse gets sick or injured. The following helps protect you from financial issues in different scenarios:

  1. Loss of use insurance provides you with compensation based on a portion of the stated value of your horse. The standard coverage allows claims when your horse becomes permanently unable to perform its assigned tasks caused by injury and illness from an accident or disease.
  2. Mortality insurance covers costs when a champion, working, or companion horse dies, is euthanized, or in some policies, stolen.
  3. Major medical insurance companies offer full veterinary care coverage if your horse falls ill from disease or gets injured. The premium you get for emergency treatments and surgery depends on the horse’s value, use, age, sex, and breed.
  4. Liability insurance protects you if your horse causes damage or injury to a third party or their property. If taken to court, the policy covers legal costs and the awarded damages claims.

How to Determine Your Horse’s Value

It is essential for all types of horse insurance to specify your horse’s value as accurately as possible. The assessment is affected by its breed, age, sex, rearing, and intended use. For example, a show horse you bought and trained for thousands of dollars would have a higher value than a locally raised farm horse.

Where to Get Equine Coverage

Get in touch with our competent and experienced team at Nicholson Insurance. We’ll guide you through learning more about our available policies that suit your needs. Start protecting your prized horses today with a loss of use insurance.